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Cation migration dominated kinetic stability of layered cathodes

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In this DENSsolutions Wildfire webinar we welcome Dr. Congli Sun from the Wuhan University of Technology of China (WHUT).

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The irreversible release of the lattice oxygen in layered cathodes is one of the major degradation mechanisms of lithium ion batteries. In fact, it accounts for a number of battery failures including the voltage/capacity fade, loss of cation ions and detachment of the primary particles. Oxygen release is generally attributed to the stepwise thermodynamic controlled phase transitions from the layered to spinel and rock salt phases. However, the dynamic process and kinetic reaction barrier are still unclear, which prohibits the cathode design toward high oxygen stability.

During this webinar, Dr. Congli Sun will present the temperature-induced phase transition of LiCoO2 cathode crystals directly observed by in-situ heating inside an aberration-corrected STEM. He will reveal the phase evolution mechanism involving the initial defect-assisted Co migration, accompanied by a strong topotactic phase growth with intense competition between the layered and spinel phases. This gives rise to different degradation pathways and onset temperatures between the thin edges and the thicker inner areas. Dr. Congli Sun also presents the interparticle variation, in which the oxygen migration plays a critical role at elevated temperatures.

We invite you to join this webinar to visualize the temperature-induced phase transition of LiCoO2 cathode crystals and learn about the role our Wildfire system played in making this research possible.

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    Lama Elboreini Marketing Communications Specialist @ DENSsolutions

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    Congli Sun Associate professor @ Wuhan University of Technology


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