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Diffusion in single nanoparticles measured in situ using electron tomography

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In this DENSsolutions Wildfire webinar we welcome Dr. Wiebke Albrecht from AMOLF who will present her previous work at the Department of Physics, University of Antwerp.

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A full 3D morphological and compositional characterization of nanoparticles is necessary to understand their property-structure relationships. While conventional electron microscopy makes it possible to ‘see’ even the smallest nanoparticles, it only yields a 2D projection image. However with the advances in particle synthesis leading to highly anisotropic nano-shapes, 2D projections are not enough. This problem has been solved by electron tomography, a technique in which a series of many 2D projection images at different tilt angles is taken to obtain the 3D object.

During this webinar, Dr. Wiebke Albrecht will present her approach to fast electron tomography using our specialized DENSsolutions heating tomography holder. She will show how she was able to decrease the time taken to acquire a tomography series by a factor of 10. She will also display recent results on nanoparticle transformations obtained by combining in situ tools with fast electron tomography. In this manner, she was able to visualize and quantify 3D nanoscale diffusion in metal nanoparticles. Specifically, she will show examples of surface diffusion of Au nanostars and AuPd octopods as well as elemental diffusion in Ag@Au nanoparticles of various shapes.

We invite you to join this webinar to explore nanoscale diffusion processes in metal nanoparticles, and learn how our Wildfire system can take your research to the next level.

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    Lama Elboreini Marketing Communications Specialist @ DENSsolutions

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    Wiebke Albrecht Postdoctoral Researcher @ Department of Physics, University of Antwerp


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