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Interpretable electrical biasing of ferroelectric materials

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In this DENSsolutions Lightning webinar we welcome Dr. Vasiliki Tileli, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Materials, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

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Understanding the electrical response, polarization switching, and domain wall movement processes in ferroelectric materials is important for envisioned future applications such as the optimization of ferroelectric random-access memories (FeRAMs) devices. The functionality of many ferroelectric devices depends on the switching speed of the polarization states or domains, which is directly linked with the domain wall movement. Understanding the dynamics of the domains walls is therefore highly relevant as domain wall movement contributes to the high dielectric permittivity and excellent electromechanical response.

In this talk, Dr. Vasiliki Tileli will present the use of transmission electron microscopy with our Lightning system to probe the hard and soft pinning of 180º domain walls in BaTiO3. The geometric confinement of the system gives rise to distinct domain structures at different temperatures. By following the motion of the domain walls during cyclic potential biasing, Dr. Vasiliki is able to extract a wealth of information on physical phenomena associated with polarization switching mechanisms.

Moreover, Dr. Vasiliki will briefly discuss the implementation of machine learning algorithms that are used to tune the degree of complexity in the structural descriptors from simple domain wall detection to the identification of switching pathways. We invite you to join this webinar to deepen your knowledge about ferroelectric materials and discover how our Lightning system can take your heating and biasing experiments to the next level.

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