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Investigating the growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes

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In this DENSsolutions Climate webinar we welcome Dr. Lili Zhang, Associate Professor at the Institute of Metal Research (IMR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

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Despite major progress in carbon nanotube (CNT) synthesis in the past decades, the challenge to realize all the great applications of CNTs in electronic devices remains. The essential problem is the lack of thorough understanding of the catalytic growth mechanism of CNTs to finely control their structure and electrical properties. Further insight into the intrinsic structure of the catalyst at the atomic scale and the critical role it plays at high temperatures and complex environments during CNT growth is therefore required.

Using our Climate system, Dr. Lili Zhang and her team investigated the phase evolutions of cobalt and cobalt-based bimetallic catalyst nanoparticles during the incubation, nucleation, and growth stages of multi-walled CNTs under (near-)atmospheric pressure. Precise identification of the active catalytic phase was realized by statistical analysis of the electron diffractograms. During this webinar, Dr. Zhang will show that the nanoparticles with three different compositions all belong to the carbide phase and remained unchanged during CNT growth. Moreover, she will explain how they were able to further confirm via theoretical simulations that carbide is the thermodynamically preferred phase during CNT growth. However, the carbon atoms are supplied through surface and CNT-catalyst interfacial diffusion, instead of the traditional bulk diffusion mode. These insights into the growth mechanism of CNTs are a major step forward in a better design of the catalyst for controlled growth of CNTs.

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    Lili Zhang Associate Professor @ Chinese Academy of Sciences


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