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Nanotalk - Dynamic interplay between metal nanoparticles and oxide support under redox conditions

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In this DENSsolutions Climate Nanotalk, Professor at Technical University of Munich, Dr. Marc-Georg Willinger, presents his research on the dynamic interplay between nanoparticles and oxide support under redox conditions.

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Understanding how the interaction between metal particles, reducible support and a reactive environment leads to the emergence of catalytic function is a key aim of catalysis research. In the case of reducible supports, the so-called strong metal-support interaction (SMSI) provides a means of tuning the chemisorption and catalytic properties of supported metal particles. Indeed, little is known about SMSI under catalytic working conditions, where the application of in situ electron microscopy proves to be invaluable.

During this Nanotalk, Prof. Dr. Marc-Georg Willinger will present research performed using the DENSsolutions Climate system to explore the effects and manifestations of metal-support interactions under controlled gaseous environments. In this research, the archetypical titania-supported platinum nanoparticles was used as a reference system, and hydrogen oxidation as model redox reaction.

For the in situ transmission electron microscopy study, Prof. Dr. Willinger will show how he and his fellow researchers were able to first induce the SMSI state of the platinum particles. Next, he will present the observations recorded upon exposure of the system to a redox-active environment. Specifically, the destabilization and removal of the encapsulating layer and subsequently, the onset of structural dynamics that could be associated to redox processes at the platinum-titania interface. Prof. Dr. Willinger will then demonstrate during this Nanotalk that once the gas phase is changed back from redox to oxidizing conditions, the encapsulated SMSI state of the particles is re-established. The in situ observations thus demonstrate that the manifestation of the metal-support interaction strongly depends on the chemical environment of the catalyst and that the relevant state can only be observed under working conditions.

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