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Nanotalk - In situ electrochemistry inside a TEM with controlled mass transport

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In this DENSsolutions Nanotalk, our Microsystems Engineer Anne Beker presents the unique capabilities of our Stream system while visualizing the in situ growth of copper under multiple morphologies.

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The liquid phase transmission electron microscopy (LPTEM) community faces numerous challenges when performing in situ electrochemical studies inside the TEM. From a lack of control over the flow and liquid thickness, to limited experimental flexibility and reproducibility, these challenges have posed considerable limitations on research. As a result, DENSsolutions has developed an in situ LPTEM solution that addresses each and every one of these challenges – the Stream system. Due to its unique on-chip flow channel design, users can effectively control experimental conditions such as pressure, flow rate, liquid thickness, electrical potential and bubbles. The Stream system owes its distinctiveness in the market to these exclusive capabilities.

Because you can independently control the pressure at the inlet and outlet of the Stream Nano-Cell, you can control the absolute pressure in the microfluidic channel. This state-of-the-art design consequently gives you full control over the flow and the bulging of the windows, and therefore the liquid thickness. As a result, spatial resolution is improved, enabling meaningful electron diffraction and elemental mapping in liquid. You can accurately define the mass transport and control the electric potential, granting you complete access to the full kinetics of the reaction.

Recently, our Microsystems Engineer, Anne Beker, together with fellow colleagues from DENSsolutions, BioTop Medical and the Institute of Energy and Climate Research, published an article demonstrating these exclusive capabilities while visualizing the in situ growth of copper with multiple morphologies. We invite you to join this webinar and learn all about how Stream can elevate your research to the next level.

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