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Nanotalk - In-situ Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) with heating and biasing

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In this DENSsolutions Nanotalk, Dr. Vijay Bhatia from the University of Sydney, Australia presents the development and implementation of in situ TKD on poly-crystalline materials under heating and biasing stimuli.

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In-situ electron microscopy is an important pillar in the study of materials. The advances in MEMS-based technology for in situ TEM has enabled researchers to observe dynamic processes involving high temperatures and/or through electrical biasing on the atomic scale. While this is a mature technique, the process of using these holders inside an SEM has not been largely documented. By adapting this technology and combining it with the versatility of Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD), it is possible to also observe the crystallographic changes that occur in the sample such as the texture of grains, phase transformations and, in some cases, strain measurements. The strength of TKD is in obtaining crystallographic information across micron-sized ROI at approximately 4nm resolution, thereby ensuring that statistically significant regions of the material are included in the data.

In this Nanotalk, Dr. Vijay presents the development and implementation of in-situ TKD on poly-crystalline materials under both heating and electrical biasing stimuli, including manganese steel and nano-crystalline Cu. He discusses the numerous benefits of TKD, including a faster setup time and the ability to obtain crystallographic information across every single pixel of your material. Moreover, he sheds light on the limitations and future developments of TKD to improve its versatility, and how you can conduct correlative experiments between TKD and TEM.

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    Vijay Bhatia University of Sydney


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