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Nanotalk - Latest developments in Climate: Introducing the Vaporizer and time-delay calibration

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In this DENSsolutions Climate Nanotalk, our Applications Scientist Dr. Dan Zhou introduces the latest developments of our Climate system, namely the Vaporizer and time-delay calibration.

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Insights into the role of water in catalytic reactions is important for unveiling reaction mechanisms, and thus critical for the optimization of the catalyst or for reaction recipes involving water. Despite the importance, the study of water’s influence on gas solid reactions inside a TEM is limited. This is due to the lack of control over the flow rate and pressure of the water vapor, as well as the fear of contaminating the high vacuum TEM columns. The DENSsolutions Climate Vaporizer was specifically developed to tackle these challenges.

In this Nanotalk, our Applications Scientist Dr. Dan Zhou introduces our latest development and extension of the Climate G+ product line: the Vaporizer. Along with delving into the unique benefits that the Vaporizer has to offer, she presents two application examples: FeCrAl alloy corrosion and water’s influence on NiAu nanoparticles for reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reaction.

Moreover, Dan also presents our latest efforts in data synchronization, i.e. a valuable time delay calibration method we have developed for operando TEM studies. Specifically, she discusses how you can achieve reliable and automated data synchronization with time-delay characterization online and time-delay calibration offline via open source codes.

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