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Nanotalk - Using In Situ TEM to explore structural transformations in 2D material CoSe2

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In this DENSsolutions Wildfire Nanotalk, Dnyaneshwar Gavhane from the Debye Institute For Nanomaterials Science presents his research on sing In Situ TEM to explore structural transformations in 2D material CoSe2.

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Thermally induced structural transformation of 2D materials opens unique avenues for generating 2D materials by physical methods. Imaging these transitions in real-time provides insight into synthesis routes and property tuning.

During this Nanotalk, Dnyaneshwar Gavhane presents how he used in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and our Wildfire system to follow thermally induced structural transformations in layered CoSe2. He shows the observation of three transformation processes: orthorhombic to cubic-CoSe2, cubic-CoSe2 to hexagonal-CoSe and hexagonal to tetragonal-CoSe.

Dnyaneshwar also describes how the 2D CoSe2 layers were prepared though the exfoliation of bulk CoSe2 via ultrasonication. Moreover, he shows how a stepwise increment in the temperature was used to heat CoSe2 layers inside the TEM to observe transformation. These findings provide nanoscopic insights into the transformation processes of 2D CoSe2 which can be used to generate these intriguing 2D materials and to tune their properties by modifying their structures for electro-catalytic and electronic applications.

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    Dnyaneshwar Gavhane Ph.D. Student @ Debye Institute For Nanomaterials Science


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