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Studying field-induced oxygen vacancy migration in anatase thin films via in situ TEM

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In this DENSsolutions Lightning webinar, we welcome Dr. Daniel Knez from Graz University of Technology in Austria.

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Titanium dioxide TiO₂ is the most prominent representative within the class of transition metal oxides and is interesting for a large number of applications due to its optical properties, memristive behavior, catalytic activity and electrochemical stability. Among the different polymorphs of TiO₂, anatase is the preferred configuration for many applications. Its electronic and optical properties are largely determined by the presence of excess electrons, which can be induced by dopants or intrinsic defects such as oxygen vacancies (VO). VO have recently been shown to form periodic superstructures along certain crystallographic orientations. The presence of such VO is also related to the question of the memristive behavior of anatase. Indeed, the structural implications of field-induced VO diffusion in anatase have not yet been studied.

In our upcoming webinar, Dr. Daniel Knez from Graz University of Technology will present ongoing work in which the DENSsolutions Lightning system was used to study the atomic structure of oxygen-deficient anatase thin films via in situ biasing TEM. During this webinar, Dr. Daniel Knez will demonstrate the team's experimental approach, which enabled them to apply an E-field parallel to the in-plane direction of the film, ultimately shedding light on the underlying mechanisms in electromigration and electroforming in TiO₂ thin films. Furthermore, Dr. Knez will present strategies to overcome challenges of cross-sectional sample preparation for in situ biasing experiments.

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    Daniel Knez Physicist & Materials Scientist @ Graz University of Technology


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