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TEM/STEM as a solid-state electrochemistry lab

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In this DENSsolutions Lightning webinar, we welcome Dr. Søren Bredmose Simonsen from Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

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Preparing and conducting high-temperature solid-state electrochemical TEM – particularly relevant to solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cells (SOFC and SOEC) – poses a number of challenges. These challenges include ensuring mechanical stability during chip mounting, preventing sample fracture or loss of electrical contact and minimizing unavoidable leak currents through the chip components. Despite its many challenges, the integration of electrical impedance spectroscopy and environmental TEM uniquely facilitates the direct correlation between electrochemical activity and the nanoscale structure and composition of materials.

In our upcoming Lightning webinar, Dr. Soren Bredmose Simonsen from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will showcase recent research on the integration of environmental TEM/STEM with solid-state electrochemistry analysis. Notably, these in situ experiments were performed using the DENSsolutions Lightning system, which enables unprecedented control over the temperature and bias of your sample, as well as the generation of electric fields higher than 300 kV/cm at 900 °C.

During this webinar, Dr. Bredmose Simonsen will illustrate how to use a transmission electron microscope as an electrochemical reactor to test complex devices, such as model SOECs/SOFCs. Within the TEM, single materials and full cells are subjected to elevated temperatures, reactive gases and applied electrical polarization necessary for the electrochemical reaction. Importantly, Dr. Bredmose Simonsen and his team at DTU have pioneered this integration of EIS with in situ ETEM. This novel EIS-TEM approach will be discussed in detail during the webinar. Particularly, it aims to directly visualize the active sites within an active solid oxide cell or solid-state battery, providing insights into dynamic nanoscale changes that can influence cell activation or degradation.

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    Søren Bredmose Simonsen Associate Professor @ Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


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