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Designhill invites you to its webinar

How to finance your business?

About this webinar

About this Webinar:

Designhill presents a live interactive web conference to help you speed up your entrepreneurial success and land your business on the pinnacle of its true potential. 

Your problem:

If you thought cash flow and finance are the unsexy parts of entrepreneurship, wait till ignorance in this area kills your precious business before you know it. 

Our solution:

This free business grimoire giveaway of a webinar on everything you need to know to make your precious business reach the pinnacle of success will help you avoid just that.

Our key giveaways :-

  • When & where to seek outside finance
  • How to know whether your business is sustainable
  • How to Speed up your entrepreneurial success
  • Learn about top 5 mistakes an entrepreneur makes

Your key takeaways:

  • How to initially start up your business
  • How to get investors and the best funding deals for your startup
  • Best ways for young entrepreneurs to find investors 
  • How to pitch your company to investors while avoiding the most common mistakes
  • How to project and drive sales to a maximum
  • How to raise funds for rapid growth
  • Mistakes to avoid in a small business
  • When it is time to call quits in business
  • Cash flow and finance management for your business and much more

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ron Malhotra Founder of ‘The Successful Male’ | Managing Director of Maple Tree Wealth Management

    Award-Winning Wealth Planner, Influence & Success Expert, Author, Radio Host, International Public Speaker & Creator Of The Success Blueprint Program

  • Team member
    Ashit Tripathi Community Specialist @ Designhill

    Ashit is working as Community Specialist with Designhill and building the community of entrepreneurs, designers to grow together. He is working efficiently to create a lucrative environment, where entrepreneurs, designers, mentors can come under one umbrella.


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