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AMA with Nicola Canarecci: Let's Talk Lettering, Tools & Building A Business

About this webinar

Printshop by Designhill has brought you an AMA session where we will be talking about lettering tips & techniques, essential tools, how to build a business around it and much more!

Ask anything from Nicola Canarecci, an Italian lettering artist, having an experience of more than 10+ years in graffiti, calligraphy, typography & hand lettering.

He will answer all your questions that you could have related to lettering, Designs, tools etc

Here are the key takeaways from this session -

  • Learn how to sketch your ideas to create a solid foundation for your design
  • Learn how to digitize your work in illustrator, including using handlebars and vector points
  • Why professional tools are necessary?
  • Learn how to cultivate your calligraphy style

Sounds Interesting, Right?

Hope to see you there!

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  • Guest speaker
    NC G
    Nicola Canarecci Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist

    Nicola Canarecci is an Italian lettering artist! He works as a freelance graphic designer & has a great interest in calligraphy & typography. He started drawing letters 10 years back with graffiti. He draw letters everywhere, on paper with a pencil or on a big wall using some spray cans or brushes.

  • Team member
    Rashmi Rana Community Specialist @ Designhill

    Rashmi is a community specialist working at Designhill to bring the design community together and help them grow. She wants to build a self-sustainable design community where designers, artists, creators, mentors can come together and empower each other.


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