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Designlab Talk: How to use Gemini (Google's ChatGPT) to help with UXA writing tasks

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Design Strategy & AI: Creating Trust with AI with Stefanie Lauria

How to use Gemini (Google's ChatGPT) to help with UXA writing tasks (30 mins)

Let’s dig into how to use Gemini (Google’s version of ChatGPT, previously called Bard) to help with UXA writing tasks. Gemini can help with making your written content longer or shorter, more formal or more casual in tone, or improving the clarity or organization of your text. In this session, we’ll start with some bullet points and stream of consciousness writing and ask Gemini to help us prepare it for some UXA use cases.

Whether you're a seasoned designer or just at the start of your design journey, this session is an opportunity to learn more about using AI for writing tasks.

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    Stefanie Lauria Lead Designer & Strategist for AI @ IBM

    I am the Lead Designer and Strategist for AI on IBM Z, leading a group of designers and the design strategy for our clients. We design enterprise AI solutions that power most of the world's transactions. I have spent 15 years helping clients and employers achieve great user experiences.

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    Crystal Campbell Mentor Experience @ Designlab


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