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Designlab Talk: Hack Days - How to Run a UX Ideation Workshop

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Boost your Design Inspiration and Creativity: The Art Movements of the 20th Century with Susana Passinhas

Join us for an engaging session on how to effectively conduct a UX Ideation Workshop, tailored specifically for those starting out in UX design. This workshop is designed to impart practical skills and insights, drawing from extensive experience in conducting ideation workshops for top-tier companies.

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    Susana Passinhas UX Design Educator, Mentor and Coach @ Freelancer

    Susana is an experienced Senior UX/UI Designer, a dedicated UX/UI Design Educator, and a Digital Fabrication Expert with over 16 years in the design field. In recent years, Susana has transitioned to teaching and mentoring aspiring UX/UI Designers, where she is now fully committed.


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