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Cookie Consent: Are the French data authority's latest guidelines the toughest in the world?

About this event

The CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés, the French data protection authority) is the most repressive data protection authority in Europe, with a total amount of €51 million in administrative fines imposed since the GDPR came into effect (the German authority comes in second place with approximately €25 million in fines).

Since 2018, the CNIL has issues various warnings to the advertising and tech industries when it comes to cookie usage and consent. From the first fines in mid-2018, to a first set ofguidelines published during summer 2019, or the launch of a public consultation earlier this year... the CNIL has long shown interest in controlling the use of tracking technologies.

Today, the CNIL considers that companies have had sufficient time to complete their compliance programs with the new regulation. Punitive actions will intensify in 2020, with a strong focus on companies that are not properly getting users' consent to use cookies and other tracking technologies.

Even if you are not bound to French law, you may ask yourself important questions like...

  • What is the "correct" way to collect cookie consent in France?
  • Does this result in severe drops in publishers' advertising revenue?
  • Has this resulted in higher Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) adoption?
  • Are there similar rules elsewhere in the world? What do they say?

Romain Gauthier, CEO of Didomi, will address these questions in this webinar to help you wrap your head around this complicated topic. He will explain what happened in France and Europe, and why no one should ignore the topic of cookie consent before it's too late. He will answer all your questions. Join the discussion!

🎞️ Should you not be able to make it, you will have access to a replay of the webinar. Of course, we can also discuss your specific questions during a product demo !

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Didomi allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy.

Didomi builds technology that allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy. By making consent and preferences easily accessible, companies benefit from compliant customer data while seeing higher engagement and increased user trust.