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Google Consent Mode, a Q+A with Didomi & Google: Measure conversions & respect user consent choice

About this event

Google Consent Mode is a big step forward for the industry, a move towards putting user choice at the heart of data usage, without sabotaging publisher monetization efforts. 

The Didomi X Google Consent Mode integration bridges the gap between data privacy & digital advertisement by making sure that your website’s analytics and marketing can run seamlessly based on each specific user’s consent choice. 

We asked Google, with whom we work closely, if they wanted to participate in a joint webinar to discuss GCM, its impact on the industry, and the Didomi X GCM integration. They were eager to do so!

This exclusive Didomi for Google Consent Mode webinar will be hosted by Namrata Chakrabarti (Global Product Lead at Google), Kate Shoda (Global Product Lead at Google) and Antonio Anguiano (VP Product at Didomi). 

They will answer questions such as:

  • How can you achieve greater insights into your conversion data while respecting user choice when using Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight or Conversion Linker?
  • How does the Didomi CMP integrate with Google Consent Mode? 
  • How to contribute to a personalized online experience?
  • How can you understand where people are converting to effectively measure online campaigns and monetize ad revenue? 

We'll aim for a 30 minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Please prepare questions that will also help other publishers and monetization professionals! 

Looking forward to seeing you live for what promises to be a fantastic session! 

Hosted by

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    Antonio Anguiano

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    Edgardo Rodriguez

  • Guest speaker
    Kate Shoda Global Product Lead @ Google

    Kate is a Global Product Lead for Conversion Measurement, focussed on Enhanced Conversions and Consent Mode.

  • Guest speaker
    Namrata Chakrabarti Global Product Lead @ Google

    Namrata is the Global Product Lead for Conversion Measurement, specifically focused on commercialization of privacy safe technologies to build a robust conversion measurement infrastructure in a post cookie world.


Didomi allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy.

Didomi builds technology that allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy. By making consent and preferences easily accessible, companies benefit from compliant customer data while seeing higher engagement and increased user trust.