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IAB: The Shifting Sands of EU Privacy Law

About this webinar

*Please note that this is the sign-up page for EU attendees, as the US IAB registration platform is only accessible for local IAB members and IAB Tech Lab members. If you are a US attendee and/or an IAB Tech Lab member, please register at : https://bit.ly/2G3E6dW

May 25, 2020 marked the two year anniversary of GDPR. Since that date, politicians, regulators, and courts have continued to interpret how this law applies to specific digital advertising use cases. During this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of the latest guidance and findings from the European Data Protection Supervisor, European courts, and Data Protection Authorities and discuss how this guidance will impact and evolve your compliance strategy.

Discussion Topics :

  • How effectively has GDPR been enforced by data protection regulators?
  • What are the latest developments regarding cookie walls, special category data, and other key advertising topics?
  • In what ways are members states’ interpretations of GDPR diverging or converging?
  • What is next for Privacy Shield and cross-border data flows?

Do not miss this discussion hosted by IAB between Romain Gauthier (CEO, Didomi), Townsend Feehan (CEO, IAB Europe), Alex Propes (Vice President, Public Policy, IAB) and Daniel Sepulveda (Senior Vice President for Policy and Advocacy, MediaMath). It is sure to be a highly informative webinar.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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