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Master Google Consent Mode v2 Before March 2024

About this event

Join us for a comprehensive and interactive webinar during which our industry experts will guide you through implementing Google's Consent Mode v2 in your tag management system and your Consent Management Platform.

📅 February 15th at 5pm (CET)

Featured Speakers:

  • Betsy Annen, Head of Privacy, Data, and Measurements Solutions at Google
  • Sabrina Bouguessa, Ads Data Privacy and Regulations Lead at Google (Southern Europe)
  • Joffrey Rückert, Data & Measurement Solutions Lead at Google
  • Florian Obligis, Manager Data Marketing at M13h
  • Alice Lefrand, Analytics & Tracking Lead at M13h
  • Jeff Wheeler, VP of Product at Didomi

Why Attend?

As March 2024 approaches, it is crucial to understand and implement Consent Mode v2 to continue using Google's measurement features, ad personalization, and remarketing capabilities. Our speakers will provide practical information and an action plan to help you navigate these changes seamlessly.

1. The context of implementing Google's Consent Mode v2

  • Putting into perspective the evolutions of Google Consent Mode v2
  • The technical specifics associated with Google Consent Mode v2

2. Google's approach to consent collection and CMP

  • Exploring the latest features and technical evolutions of Google's Consent Mode v2
  • Understanding the impacts on Google's advertising services features in the implementation of Consent Mode v2

3. Implementation guide for Consent Mode v2 with Didomi

  • A checklist to support your organization and prepare well
  • Carrying out an effective implementation using a straightforward method
  • "Basic" or "Advanced": Choose the configuration that meets your needs
  • Configuring the appropriate settings in your Didomi Consent Management Platform for a successful implementation

4. Q&A Session

This webinar is unique and will not be available for replay.

Reserve your spot now to benefit from the advice of our panel of experts. Ensure your company is ready and equipped to effectively implement Google's Consent Mode v2.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Florian Obligis Manager Data Marketing @ M13h

  • Guest speaker
    Joffrey Rückert Data & Measurement Solutions Lead @ Google

  • Team member
    JW T
    Jeff Wheeler Head of Product North America @ Didomi

  • Guest speaker
    Betsy Annen Head of Privacy, Data, and Measurements Solutions @ Google

  • Guest speaker
    Sabrina Bouguessa Ads Data Privacy and Regulations Lead (Southern Europe) @ Google

  • Guest speaker
    Alice Lefrand Tracking lead @ M13h


Didomi allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy.

Didomi builds technology that allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy. By making consent and preferences easily accessible, companies benefit from compliant customer data while seeing higher engagement and increased user trust.