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Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) Version 2: Didomi explains it all

About this webinar

In 2018, the IAB Europe and the IAB Techlab released the TCF for standardizing how consent is collected and shared across the digital advertising industry. It contains a list of policies on how valid consent is to be collected by publishers & advertisers, and a standard format for encoding & sharing users' choices between members of the industry.

In less than 2 years, the TCF has become the standard for running personalized ad campaigns, measurement, attribution etc. in compliance with regulations like GDPR. It has been adopted by all the major players of the adtech space, particularly by IAB-compliant consent management platforms (CMPs) like Didomi.

To adapt to fast-paced technological innovation, incorporating feedback from European data protection authorities, consumer groups and the ad tech industry, the IAB developed a new iteration of the TCF (TCF v2) to provide more choices and information to end users. Some additions include:

  • More granular purposes to offer more choices to end users
  • Flexible support for legitimate interest
  • New "categories" to group purposes
  • Control of allowed legal basis through publisher restrictions
  • Improved API for sharing consent between CMPs and vendors.

Starting this April, the TCF will transition to its version 2, and all IAB members will have to update their websites and mobile apps to support it until the summer 2020. This webinar will explain in plain words what the key elements of the TCF v2 are, and outline the benefits for everyone involved in the industry.

You can already read about it on Didomi.io. Here's a visualization of the transition ahead:


Jawad Stouli, CTO of Didomi, will walk you through TCF v2 and answer your questions about the transition phase. He will explain how the IAB has worked to come up with the new framework, outline the main evolutions and provide a high-level overview of the steps ahead.

This webinar is for all, whether you know and use Didomi's a CMP or not! We want this to be an interactive session, please come with your questions, and openly share them during the session.


🎞️ Should you not be able to make it, you will have access to a replay of the webinar. Of course, we can also discuss your specific questions during a product demo !

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    Jawad Stouli CTO @ Didomi


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