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Future-proof your Technology: Creating a solution that sticks: On-demand webinar

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Don’t write-off and replace your existing tech stack. Simply create a solution that makes users sticky and keeps them coming back for more.

Wave goodbye to ‘death by bookmark’ and centralize all existing data sources and assets, push insights direct to users in real-time, create personalized views of the world for each user and department while retaining full control of the back-end systems with an intelligent enterprise portal.

We were joined by Mary Ventresca, VP Marketing and Business Development at Pattison Outdoor Advertising talking about how they have aggregated and cataloged millions of assets and personalized their internal technology landscape by introducing Digital Hive into their strategy roadmap.

The benefits of an Intelligent Enterprise Portal are many and can enable you to drive efficiencies upwards and costs down with ease without settling for a ‘Cookie cutter’ solution.

  • Centralize BI capabilities to serve a diverse set of users
  • Deliver analytics and dashboards from multiple systems through a single intuitive user interface
  • Elevate the experience for different audiences and user groups, without creating a “one size fits all” solution
  • Serve up content from multiple reporting tools on the same page without having to keep track of bookmarks
  • Catalog all information assets for quick access, and update content with zero reliance on developer or IT resource
  • Leverage and take advantage of the security you’ve already defined within your business systems.

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    Digital Hive

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    Mary Ventresca VP Marketing and Business Development @ Pattison Outdoor Advertising

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    Scott Masson CTO @ Digital Hive

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Digital Hive is the first intelligent analytics portal that makes finding, accessing, and sharing enterprise analytics & BI output and other company information as easy as using Netflix or Spotify.