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Webinar - Women in Tech

About this event

Women in the Tech business : The Path Forward?

Increased participation of women in the tech sector will boost the economy and allow for their full participation in society. Although the digital sector is rapidly growing, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs every year, the share of women in this sector is still under-estimated.

According to a study by KRC Research and Microsoft, young Women in Belgium seem to lose interest in ICT fields at the age of 14, where only 25% of women graduate; Belgium being thereof ranked at 13th position in Europe. On top of this Women are still less likely to have specialist digital skills and work in this field compared to men, as only 18% of ICT specialists in the EU are women (Women in Digital Scoreboard 2020).

  • How can we encourage women to study or follow a career in the web industry?
  • What concrete initiatives have been taken in Brussels/Belgium to encourage and empower women to play a more active role in the digital era?
  • What trends are shaping the future of Women in IT?
  • ...

Our experts will try to answer these questions and present the various actions taken to promote the role of women in IT:

  • M. le Ministre Bernard Clerfayt
  • Victoria Cannilla - Women in Tech
  • Karen Boers - Becode
  • Catherine Pleeck - Good Stories
  • Sana Aissaoui - Intern BF

Interested? Register and join us on April 20st!

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    Digitalcity Team

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    Karen Boers Manager @ BeCode

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    Sana Aissaoui

  • Guest speaker
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    Catherine Pleeck Manager @ Good Stories

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    Bernard Clerfayt

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    Noémie Valcauda

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    Christina Galouzis

  • Guest speaker
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    Victoria Cannilla Manager @ Women in Tech