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Use of Digital Data to Optimize the Running Athletes Performance - English & Greek

About this event


We are organizing a new English-Greek webinar on the topic " Use of digital data to Optimize the running athletes performance".

Digitsole Pro is an easy-to-use software that objectively measures biomechanical data and dynamic movement to analyze your patients' walking and running in real-life conditions. More information: www.digitsolepro.com

Course description:

There are multiple levels to running analysis include runner readiness, performance enhancement and injury recovery. Running has several injuries associated with the activity, most due to chronic implications that are difficult to establish with observational methods. This course is designed as an introduction to using digital methodology to analyze runner’s performance. We will evaluate characteristics that can be limitations to improvement and discuss intervention strategies

Course objectives:

At the completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Define how locomotion is a multi-systems assessment to human motion.
  • Describe the running biomechanics.
  • Define the common measures in assessing a runner profile.
  • Describe certain strategies in performance enhancement of a runner profile.

Speaker: Chris Proulx, D.C., Ph.D.(abd), C.S.C.S

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  • Team member
    Chris C.Proulx@Digitsole.Com

  • Guest speaker
    Evripidis Triantafyllou Scientific Director @ Health Action

  • Guest speaker
    Kostas Kypriotis PT, MSc. Bobath (IBITA) & IMTT Instructor


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