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DL Cirugia Oral invites you to their webinar

Safe and Predictable Bone Block Harvesting

About this webinar

Do you believe in Autogenous Bone?

We do! It is the only one that provides Osteogenesis, osteoinduction and Osteoconductivity!

Bone Block can be a great alternative when facing very severe atrophies related to implant lost, advance periodontitis os big trauma.

Can Bone Block Harvesting be safe and predictable? Of course it can!!

In this webinar we will share with you. step by step, how to harvest a bone block and how to design the ideal bone graft. Do not let this opportunity to go away. This free webinar can make a huge different in those very challenging cases we all have!

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    Juan Lara DL Cirugia Oral

DL Cirugia Oral

Advance Bone Grafting in Modern Implantolgy

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