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DSA Meeting - January

About this webinar

Join us for two featured presentations:

Threat Detection Programs - "Where to look - What to look for - How to validate"

Speaker: Jeff Bedser, CEO, iThreat

Description: Manufacturing a secure product involves not just protections at the physical plant. There are a multitude of threats to consider. Supply chain, subcontractors and partners are a potential vector for information leakage or grey markets. The simplest leak of confidential information in the hands of a counterfeiter can be damaging. Addressing these types of risks via a threat intelligence and detection program reduce leaks and locate unlicensed or illicit trade in your products. This presentation will walk through the components of strong threat detection/intelligence program and options for deployment.

Connected Goods: Business Benefits beyond Security

Speaker: Peter Kostur, Sales Director EMEA, Scantrust

Description: The Scantrust Secure Connected Goods Platform is built over a patented 2D barcode technology that offers intrinsic, graphical security to counterfeiting. This presentation will cover the basics of the platform and include a few use cases highlighting how secure connected products and packaging applications bring CPG and FMCG companies important business benefits beyond security.

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    PK G
    Peter Kostur Sales Director EMEA @ ScanTrust

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    JP G
    Justin Picard CTO and Co-founder @ ScanTrust

  • Guest speaker
    JB G
    Jeff Bedser CEO @ iThreat

Document Security Alliance

Enhancing Document and Identity Security

The DSA is an alliance of government, industry and academia dedicated to securing the production, issuance, and authentication of identity, credentials, and currency to help combat fraud and other criminal acts by drawing upon the knowledge and technical disciplines of its members.