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DSA Meeting - May

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Please join us May 13th for our featured presentation on Developing a Deeper Understanding of Deepnet, Darknet, and Dark Markets.

Speaker: Charles Cohen, Vice President, National White Collar Crime Center

Most document security professionals have heard of onion routing, Tor, Deepnet, Darknet, and Dark Markets. Both the Darknet and Dark Markets are widely discussed but often not fully understood. At the same time, this is increasingly where document and currency counterfeiting and fraud is discussed and facilitated.

Tor is most used to hide one’s identity. It can also be used by an insider to breach a firewall or Internet filter, and is a gateway to what is commonly called the Darknet. While Tor is the most common onion router, it is not the only one. And, while Tor Hidden Service servers are the most well-known portion of the Darknet, there are other areas accessible through other tools. You can find stolen personal identifying information, compromised and counterfeit financial instruments, and hacking as-a-service on Dark Markets and in Darknet Vendor Shops.

This presentation is not intended to make attendees experts, but rather to demystify the topic. It will give document security professionals the foundation that they need to understand these tools and communities—both how they function and how they are exploited by criminals.

In addition, we will hear from Harriet Plumb, Regional Director of Portals, with an "8 Minutes of Fame" presentation.

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    Chuck Cohen Vice President @ National White Collar Crime Center

  • Guest speaker
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    Harriet Plumb Regional Director @ Portals Paper

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The DSA is an alliance of government, industry and academia dedicated to securing the production, issuance, and authentication of identity, credentials, and currency to help combat fraud and other criminal acts by drawing upon the knowledge and technical disciplines of its members.