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Challenges and Opportunities in Scaling KYB for Fintech

About this event

Business verification remains a challenge for Fintech companies that struggle to find a unified solution to manage the end-to-end process, ensure regulatory compliance and offer a smooth onboarding experience. For businesses heavily relying on legacy processes, navigating through the ever-evolving regulatory landscape becomes more and more costly. Companies often end up underestimating the scale of the developments required to develop an end-to-end verification process. It is estimated that running a KYB program can cost businesses over 10% of their revenue.

To address the emerging regulations in time, ditch unnecessary manual work, streamline processes and avoid high fines, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest development within the business verification space. Join Dotfile experts as they dive into the challenges in scaling KYB for Fintechs and uncover opportunities that Dotfile offers.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • The challenges of business verification, their costs and impact on both internal operations and customer churn
  • The opportunities that business verification and compliance operating systems offer
  • How to effectively address the KYB challenges with minimum effort and costs
  • Live platform demo showcasing the end-to-end business verification capabilities


  • Vasco Alexandre, CEO & Co-Founder at Dotfile
  • Alexandre Ayoub, Sales Lead at Dotfile

This webinar will be particularly helpful for professionals at rapidly growing fintechs that face challenges related to business verification processes. Register now!

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    Alexandre Ayoub Sales Lead @ Dotfile

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Dotfile is an end-to-end business verification platform built for compliance teams. It enables automating KYB and AML procedures, reducing fraud, and streamlining operations.