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Privacy Program Planning: Priorities for the New Year

About this event

Welcome to a webinar designed for privacy professionals who are gearing up to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the new year. As the landscape of privacy continues to evolve, staying ahead means not only understanding the constants but also adapting to the changes. This is your chance to refine your privacy program with insights from industry experts.

What You'll Discover:

  • The Evergreen Elements: Understand what remains crucial in any privacy program, regardless of external changes.
  • Maturity Matters: Tailor your strategies based on your privacy program's current maturity level.
  • Business Dynamics: Learn how internal organizational shifts can impact your privacy priorities.
  • Regulatory Radar: Stay updated with the latest regulatory developments affecting your privacy practices.

Why Attend This Webinar?

  • Expert Insights: Hear from seasoned privacy professionals about the nuances of effective privacy program planning.
  • Interactive Q&A: Get your specific questions answered and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Customized Strategies: Learn how to align your privacy strategies with your organization's unique context.
  • Resourceful Takeaways: Equip yourself with actionable tools and knowledge to implement immediately.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Alison Murphy European Data Protection Officer @ EML Payments Limited

    Alison has worked in the data protection industry for over 10 years. She has worked in a variety of organisations, ranging from global multinational software providers, financial services, logistics and joined EML Payments Limited as EU DPO in early 2023. Alison has overseen the implementation and roll out of GDPR programmes, third party compliance, gap analysis and eprivacy projects.

  • Guest speaker
    Jürgen von Rosen Data Protection Consultant @ Rote Consulting AB

    Jürgen has his background from project, process and change management with, among other things, more than 6 years of work experience from European data protection such as the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive and other relevant legislation as well as 10 years from the HRIS area. Jürgen is a true team player and is motivated by new challenges where a flexible mindset is needed. Basically, Jürgen is an analytical person who is always looking for good solutions by using his own and others' experiences, a results-driven person who always wants to achieve good results on time and with high quality.

  • Guest speaker
    Egil Bergenlind Founder & Privacy Hero Sidekick @ DPOrganizer

    Egil Bergenlind is the Founder and Privacy Hero Sidekick at DPOrganizer, a SaaS company specializing in privacy management software, aiding global companies in compliance and data protection. His career includes roles at iZettle as Chief Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer, and at Bird & Bird as an Associate. Prior to his legal career, Egil was part of the Legal Department at 3. His experience demonstrates a strong focus on privacy, compliance, and data protection in the technology sector.

  • Guest speaker
    Richard Merrygold Managing Consultant & Data Protection Officer (Director & Co-founder) @ iSTORM


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