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DrugBank In Conversation: Modulation of the Human Gut Microbiome with DNA Genotek

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Lessons Learned from Longitudinal Modulation of the Human Gut Microbiome: Implications for Clinical Studies

The study of the human microbiome composition can be hindered by technical challenges that span sample collection, extraction, library preparation and analysis. These challenges are a significant source of bias that can have a deep impact on the conclusions of any study looking at modulating the microbiome. OraSure Technologies’ Molecular Solutions team designed and executed a pilot study aimed at understanding the impact of intermittent fasting diet on the gut microbiome of healthy individuals through a multi-omics lens. This study leveraged DNA Genotek and Diversigen’s extensive expertise in sample collection, processing and data analysis; highlighting best practices for effectively visualizing & interpreting the impact of diet on the composition and functional outputs of the gut microbiome.

DNA Genotek Inc. and Diversigen are subsidiaries of OraSure Technologies, Inc. offering high-quality microbial sample collection products and comprehensive services for sample processing, sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis. DNA Genotek’s OMNIgene product line immediately stabilizes microbiota samples at the point of collection, ensuring an unbiased ‘snapshot’ of the microbial community. Self-collection kits for stool, oral, skin, vaginal and animal sampling are available. Diversigen, who has sequenced more than 170,000 microbial samples, offers the best analytical science available to accelerate microbiome discovery for academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural and environmental applications. From study design to sample processing, data generation, and full custom analysis we ensure you get the most out of your data. 



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  • Guest speaker
    Brice Le François Senior R&D Manager @ DNA Genotek

    As a senior R&D manager, Brice Le François leads a team working on novel technologies across DNA Genotek (devices) and Diversigen (services). His team spearheaded the development of novel tools and workflows as well as innovative preservation chemistries to facilitate multi-omics analyses of gut microbiome samples and beyond. Since joining the R&D team at DNA Genotek, he has worked extensively on optimizing the stabilization and processing of human microbiome samples and has acquired significant expertise in study design, selecting appropriate controls and workflows to generate insightful and reliable data. Prior to joining DNA Genotek, he obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa and has over 20 years of experience in research across a wide range of fields, including cancer and neuroscience.

  • Team member
    Chris Klinger Scientific Support Lead @ DrugBank

    Chris holds a PhD in Medicine and is interested in the use of computation to solve biomedical problems. Currently, Chris heads DrugBank’s Scientific Support team, where he is responsible for staying on top of the latest trends and biomedical research.


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