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Fireside Chat with twoXAR: Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

About this webinar

Watch On-Demand: www.drugbankplus.com/webinars/fireside_chats

On today's fireside chat, DrugBank's CEO, Michael Wilson, will chat with Aaron Daugherty, PhD, VP of Discovery at twoXAR, to discuss the cool work twoXAR is doing in the drug discovery space using artificial intelligence, and how DrugBank's data helps enhance their abilities to solve major challenges in the drug discovery space.

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  • Guest speaker
    Aaron Daugherty, PhD VP, Discovery @ twoXAR

    Aaron Daugherty is the VP of Discovery at twoXAR. Aaron has helped build twoXAR's drug discovery AI and leads the Discovery Science team's efforts to discover potential treatments across a wide range of diseases. Aaron earned his PhD in Genetics from Stanford University.

  • Team member
    Michael Wilson CEO @ DrugBank

    Co-founder & CEO of DrugBank, Michael Wilson, has extensive experience in bioinformatics - a specialized field of study that focuses on software development, tools, and methods that help to analyze and understand biological data.


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