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Fireside Chat with Thrive Health: Improving Healthcare Delivery through Patient Involvement

About this webinar

Watch On-Demand: www.drugbankplus.com/webinars/fireside_chats

Join us as we chat with Thrive Health about the advances they’re making in improving healthcare delivery using technology. They believe that solving this problem is possible through better patient involvement, empowering them and medical teams with data-driven tools. We will talk trends, future plans, and how they plan to evolve the company.

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  • Team member
    Michael Wilson CEO @ DrugBank

    Co-founder & CEO of DrugBank, Michael Wilson, has extensive experience in bioinformatics - a specialized field of study that focuses on software development, tools, and methods that help to analyze and understand biological data.

  • Guest speaker
    DH G
    David Helliwell


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