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Powered by DrugBank presents CSI Dry Eye: Using Data to Better Diagnose and Treat Dry Eye

About this webinar

Join us for a conversation with CSI Dry Eye's CEO, Dr. Al-Ghoul, who will chat industry trends and give us a live demo of their cloud-based patient management system.

CSI Dry Eye's focus is on unifying the clinician’s approach to diagnosing and managing dry eye disease. They accomplish that by using their patient management system that allows clinicians to document dry eye findings in a consistent way based on published guidelines. The data inputted is then added to proprietary machine-learning algorithms that allow clinicians to better diagnose and treat their dry eye patients. The ability to use evidence-based medicine in combination with machine-learning allows them to tackle a multifactorial condition like dry eye disease more effectively.

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  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul CEO @ CSI Dry Eye

    Dr. Al-Ghoul is the CEO of CSI Dry Eye, a cataract surgeon, and a researcher and teacher through his appointment at the University of Calgary. He is actively involved in research projects in the field of corneal cross-linking, corneal transplantation, and cataract surgery.

  • Guest speaker
    PB G
    Pujan Bhatta CSI Dry Eye

  • Team member
    Michael Wilson CEO @ DrugBank

    Co-founder & CEO of DrugBank, Michael Wilson, has extensive experience in bioinformatics - a specialized field of study that focuses on software development, tools, and methods that help to analyze and understand biological data.

  • Guest speaker
    AI G
    Adam Idris CSI Dry Eye

  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Marcella LaBelle CSI Dry Eye

    Dr. Marcella LaBelle is an Optometrist who has worked for the better part of 2 decades in collaborative Ophthalmology/Optometry surgical clinics and has a special focus in Advanced Ocular Surface Disease and Refractive Surgery Co-Management. She works alongside Dr. Ahmed Al Ghoul, Corneal Special...


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