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How Too Good To Go is shaping the future of Food & Beverage

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Too Good To Go is leading a new era in the Food & Beverage industry: they are turning the whole sector upside down by treating sustainability as a starting point instead of a hype. Their business model? A marketplace for food suppliers (like supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants) to offer consumers food that would otherwise go to waste.

During this webinar our head of Digital Strategy, Stefan Jenart, will talk with Kenny Defrijn, Marketing Manager at Too Good To Go, about how they are shaping the future of Food & Beverage. You'll learn how Too Good To Go has built a purpose driven company where digital, partnerships and the customer play a key role. We'll talk about disruptive thinking, inspiring customers to change their behavior, and how to turn a small idea into a successful business.

Let this scale-up inspire you to think outside of the box!

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    Kenny Defrijn Head of Marketing @ Too Good To Go

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    Stefan Jenart

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