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Prepare your business for The Big Flip

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There's no getting around it: COVID-19 has clearly accelerated some trends that have been slumbering for a while.

Habits that were an exception to the rule, suddenly became default. Think of online shopping instead of going to the store, having food delivered instead of going to restaurants, working from home instead of the office, learning through video instead of in a classroom ... They all 'flipped' out of necessity.

At some point, the pandemic will be under control and we'll return to normal life, but those new habits will stick nevertheless. Brands and companies will have to flip their habits too in order to meet the expectations and new behaviors of their customers.

During this webinar Bart De Waele, CEO of Duke & Grace, will tell you how you can prepare your business for The Big Flip. Don't miss out!

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    Freek Heyman

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    Justine Trio Copywriter @ Duke & Grace

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    Gertjan Deprez

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    Bart De Waele Duke & Grace

    Enhancing the digital maturity of our clients at Duke & Grace. Passionate about internet, new technology, communication, transhumanism and entrepreneurship. Infovore, saphiofile, gadgetfreak, pattern recognizer, Snow Crash Gargoyle.

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    Bart De Waele

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