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How to retain key talent using the power of people analytics

About this event

Organisations are facing an uncertain future. A volatile economy, tightening labour market and news about mass layoffs and resignations are causing concern among employers and employees alike.

Retaining talent has never been so important, but with Culture Amp benchmark data revealing that employee intent-to-stay is declining by 2% every six months, this is likely to become even more challenging.

HR teams are responsible for limiting employee churn, but many are lacking the information they need to do this effectively. Their sources of people data can often be disconnected, preventing them from answering critical retention questions and gaining insight into the areas that need attention.

This Personnel Today webinar in association with Culture Amp will highlight how HR can develop a well-informed retention strategy by taking a closer look at their data.

Personnel Today’s editor Rob Moss is joined by Stephanie Kukoyi, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp, who will discuss how organisations can better manage their turnover risk by embracing the power of people analytics.

Register for this one-hour webinar at 2pm on 12 October to learn:

  • Why employee retention matters
  • The actions organisations can take to retain key talent
  • How to answer critical retention questions like: what motivates high performers to stay or leave? And, how is engagement affecting retention?
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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Rob Moss

    Rob is editorial director for Personnel Today. An experienced business editor, he has been hosting webinars and podcasts about HR, L&D and employment since 2006. He has been editor of Personnel Today since 2010, leading a team of expert journalists who cover HR trends and legislation.

  • Guest speaker
    Steph Kukoyi Senior People Scientist @ Culture Amp

    Steph is a Senior People Scientist for the EMEA region. She has an MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Manchester and has spent several years consulting for a wide range of organisations such as Unilever and AXA. She has experience providing a number of services, particularly in the field of neurodiversity including coaching, diagnostics, workplace assessments, awareness sessions and webinars. She also spent part of this time working at Greater Manchester Police supporting its people vision which included assessment centre design and the development of its Diverse Leaders Programme. Steph’s main areas of interest include neurodiversity, employee wellbeing and engagement.


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