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International Women's Day: Breaking down career barriers

About this event

Organisations are gradually waking up to the impact the menopause and other female health and wellbeing concerns have on women’s careers, but there is still work to be done to stop them from falling out of work.

Employers risk losing a wealth of talent and experience: three in five (62%) women say their menopause symptoms affect their work, and one in four menopausal women have considered leaving work due to their symptoms.

The menopause often coincides with the moment they have finally reached the senior rungs of the career ladder. Not only does this have an impact on an organisation’s gender pay gap and the diversity of thinking among senior leadership teams, but it also has wider societal effects – contributing to the gender pension gap, and women’s ability to contribute to economic success in midlife.

Taking place on International Women's Day, this Personnel Today webinar in association with Peppy will discuss how employers can support their female talent to bridge the gap of women in leadership positions.

Key takeaways for HR include:

  • The factors that hinder women’s career progression and retention
  • The unseen bias and authority gap between men and women that often persists
  • How to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture through the wellbeing support you offer
  • Ways you can attract junior talent, and retain your senior female talent.

Personnel Today’s HR and wellbeing editor Ashleigh Webber will be joined by broadcaster, author and gender equality and D&I advocate Mary Ann Siegart; Peppy’s co-founder and co-CEO Max Landry; and Peppy’s director of menopause services Kathy Abernethy, for a panel discussion exploring how organisations can support and empower women throughout their entire careers.

This free-to-attend 60-minute webinar will take place at 2:00pm on Tuesday 8 March and will include an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mary Ann Sieghart

    Mary Ann is a broadcaster, journalist and author of the bestselling book ‘The Authority Gap‘, which looks at how we still don’t take women as seriously as men, and what we can do about it. She is a former presenter of Newshour and regularly appears on BBC Question Time, Any Questions, Newsnight, and Woman’s Hour. Mary Ann is a visiting professor at King’s College London and is on the boards of the Scott Trust, the Merchants Trust and Pantheon International.

  • Team member
    Ashleigh Webber HR and wellbeing editor, Personnel Today, and editor, OHW+ @ Personnel Today

    Ashleigh is HR and wellbeing editor at Personnel Today and editor of OHW+. She has been writing about HR, L&D, occupational health and workplace wellbeing since 2018.

  • Guest speaker
    Kathy Abernethy (she/her) (Peppy) Director of menopause services @ Peppy

    Kathy is a founding member and trustee of the British Menopause Society. A registered BMS menopause specialist with a Masters in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Healthcare, Kathy leads an award-winning NHS London menopause service and has a private clinic in South West London.

  • Guest speaker
    Max Landry (Peppy) Co-founder and co-CEO @ Peppy

    Max is co-CEO of digital health platform Peppy and has held senior roles at The Conversation and Paperstone. Max is driven by his ambition to make personalised, expert-led health support available to everyone, regardless of job role or salary.

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