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How global employers approach pay transparency (webinar)

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With the latest round of gender pay gap reporting behind them, many HR and reward professionals are getting prepared for new requirements around pay transparency.

Soon, the EU's Pay Transparency Directive will see gender pay gap reporting in all member states, while in the UK the Labour Party, if elected, is promising to go "further and faster" in closing the gender pay gap. These developments reflect a growing global conversation in addressing pay equity in the workplace.

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with workplace equity analytics company Syndio, looks at how HR and reward leaders are adapting to meet these emerging challenges. What should employers be doing to improve transparency in pay and career progression?

Personnel Today's editor Rob Moss is joined by Ceris Pike, global reward lead at AstraZeneca and Christine Hendrickson, VP of strategic initiatives at Syndio, to discuss how to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and trust-building in your workforce.

Register now to explore how employers can:

  • Implement strategies and measures to enhance transparency in pay structures and career progression
  • Navigate resistance to increased openness
  • Streamline compliance with global pay reporting requirements
  • Efficiently improve pay fairness and representation across all levels.

This free 60-minute webinar includes a live panel discussion and the opportunity to pose questions to our speakers.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Rob Moss Editorial Director @ Personnel Today

    An experienced business editor, Rob has been hosting webinars and podcasts about HR, L&D and employment since 2006. He became editor of Personnel Today in 2010, leading a team of expert journalists who cover HR trends, employment law, and all the latest news in the profession.

  • Guest speaker
    Christine Hendrickson (Syndio) VP of Strategic Initiatives @ Syndio

    With 15+ years of experience in employment law, Christine works in the intersection of HR analytics and the law. She partners with employers to provide strategic, practical, cutting edge, real-world best practice advice on pay equity, diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics. Before joining Syndio, Christine was a partner and co-chair of the Pay Equity Group at Seyfarth Shaw LLP.

  • Guest speaker
    Ceris Pike (AstraZeneca) Global Reward Lead @ AstraZeneca

    Ceris Pike is the Global Reward Lead at AstraZeneca, the global, science-led biopharmaceutical business whose innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. Prior to her tenure at AstraZeneca, she spent over a decade as a rewards consultant at KPMG and Mercer.


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