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Neurodiversity: How to make the workplace more inclusive (webinar)

About this event

Many organisations have statements in support of equity, diversity and inclusion but can your organisation truly be inclusive if it does not consider its neurodiverse population?

It is estimated that more than 15% of the population is neurodiverse, with conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. With the current climate of extreme competition for employees, not only are organisations missing out on talent, they are also at risk of losing that diversity of thought without being neurodiversity aware.

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Culture Amp, explores the issues surrounding neurodiversity in the workplace and examines what HR professionals can do to address the barriers faced by those with neurodiverse conditions and the steps to fostering an inclusive environment.

Editor Rob Moss is joined by Culture Amp’s senior people scientist Stephanie Kukoyi, who has experience providing a number of services in the field of neurodiversity including coaching, diagnostics, workplace assessments and awareness sessions, as well as Leanne Maskell, a qualified ADHD coach and director of training company ADHD Works.

Register now to find out about:

  • Neurodiverse conditions and how they affect people in the workplace
  • What employers can do to be more inclusive of their neurodiverse staff
  • How awareness of neurodiversity can aid recruitment and retention
  • Adjustments that can be made for neurodiverse employees and job candidates.

This 60-minute webinar includes a Q&A session for the audience to pose questions to our panellists.

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  • Guest speaker
    Leanne Maskell Director @ ADHD Works

    Leanne is an ADDCA-qualified ADHD coach and director of coach training company ADHD Works. She has worked as a legal policy advisor developing immigration, mental health and disability legislation for coronavirus and Brexit policies, and has delivered talks to the directors of the World Health Organization on improving global access to support for people with ADHD. Through ADHD Works, Leanne provides ADHD coaching, training, courses and retreats for individuals and organisations – with clients like Microsoft, Yahoo and Paperchase – for individuals to understand and be empowered by their ADHD, and for companies to support and harness neurodivergence in the workplace. Leanne is the author of ADHD: An A to Z.

  • Guest speaker
    Steph Kukoyi Senior People Scientist @ Culture Amp

    Steph is a Senior People Scientist for the EMEA region. She has an MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Manchester and has spent several years consulting for a wide range of organisations such as Unilever and AXA. She has experience providing a number of services, particularly in the field of neurodiversity including coaching, diagnostics, workplace assessments, awareness sessions and webinars. She also spent part of this time working at Greater Manchester Police supporting its people vision which included assessment centre design and the development of its Diverse Leaders Programme. Steph’s main areas of interest include neurodiversity, employee wellbeing and engagement.

  • Team member
    Rob Moss Editorial Director @ Personnel Today

    Responsible for the content across Personnel Today, Rob is an experienced business editor and has been hosting webinars and podcasts about HR, L&D and employment since 2006. He has been editor of Personnel Today since 2010, leading a team of expert journalists who cover HR trends and legislation.

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