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Closing the gender pay gap in a cost-of-living crisis

About this event

Research shows that the gender pay gap opens at the birth of a woman's first child and never closes again. Disparities in income persist even at the point of retirement, with the average pension pot of a woman at retirement less than half that of a man, according to Legal and General.

Closing the gender pay gap goes beyond ensuring fair and equal pay. Many businesses are now turning to their benefits strategy as a key tool for supporting the wellbeing of their female and non-binary employees, while empowering them to reach their full potential at work.

As the gender pay gap reporting deadline approaches, this Personnel Today webinar, in association with Peppy, will explore how organisations can help all employees to thrive at work by providing employee benefits that support them through every life stage – from starting a family, to going through menopause – whilst navigating the current financial pressures in the anticipated recession.

On Thursday 23 February at 2pm, Personnel Today will be joined by Peppy’s Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Menopause Services, Kathy Abernethy, and a panel of specialists including Aviva's wellbeing lead Debbie Bullock and flexible working campaigner Ursula Tavender, for a discussion on:

  • The link between employee health and the gender and pension pay gaps
  • Your employee's health – physical, mental and financial – and how these factors are impacting the diversity of your organisation
  • The employee benefits and best practice HR, DEI and rewards & benefits teams can leverage to create a workplace culture for all employees to thrive.

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  • Guest speaker
    Debbie Bullock (she/her) (Aviva) Wellbeing Lead and Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion @ Aviva

    Debbie has led the Wellbeing@Aviva programme in the UK since 2018. Covering physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing, she’s responsible for strategy and delivery of the award-winning programme that helps enable colleagues to perform at their best. Debbie is also currently interim Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion globally. She leads the insurance firm’s inclusion agenda, supported by business area working groups and six employee resource groups.

  • Guest speaker
    Ursula Tavender (she/her) (Flexpo) Joint CEO @ Flexpo

    Ursula is Joint CEO of Flexpo, an organisation that aims to make work more inclusive for everyone through its events, flexible working consultancy and software that helps teams have better conversations about flexible working. Her experiences of navigating a career she adores while recovering from an eating disorder, parenting young children and supporting her family through health challenges illuminated to Ursula the millions of talented people excluded from participating fully in the workforce. Ursula campaigns for business change on the issues of closing the gender pay gap, flexible working and the future of work.

  • Guest speaker
    Kathy Abernethy (she/her) (Peppy) Chief Medical Officer and Director of Menopause Services @ Peppy

    Kathy is a founding member and trustee of the British Menopause Society. A registered BMS menopause specialist with a Masters in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Healthcare, Kathy leads an award-winning NHS London menopause service and has a private clinic in South West London.

  • Team member
    Ashleigh Webber HR and wellbeing editor, Personnel Today, and editor, OHW+ @ Personnel Today

    Ashleigh is HR and wellbeing editor at Personnel Today and editor of OHW+. She has been writing about HR, L&D, occupational health and workplace wellbeing since 2018.

  • Guest speaker
    Ellen Atkinson (she/her) (Peppy) Enterprise Account Executive @ Peppy

    Ellen has a passion for all things wellbeing, with a background in healthcare qualifying as a dietitian. Her early career was focused in healthcare consultancy, before pivoting into the world of HR. As an Enterprise Account Executive at Peppy, she has the privilege to meet with benefits, rewards, and HR leaders on a daily basis to share ideas and best practices on personalised healthcare at work.


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