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Engagement and reward in uncertain times (webinar)

About this event

With the uncertainty of the current macro-economic climate, HR leaders are having to pivot and mobilise once more to address a new set of challenges. How can employers retain their top talent while driving the productivity and efficiency that the business needs more than ever?

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with people success platform Lattice, explores how we can rethink approaches to engagement and reward to achieve these goals while building a resilient culture to support the business into the next phase.

Editor Rob Moss is joined by four expert guests for an in-depth discussion into how employers can grow their business while their employees face rising energy costs, mortgage rates and inflation.

Rob welcomes experienced HR directors Wendy Cartwright and Craig McCoy, together with David Liddle, founder and chief executive of the HR and culture consultancy The TCM Group, and Julia Markish, director of strategic advisory at Lattice.

Register now to join our discussion exploring:

  • How to measure burnout and get a true sense of what employees need at this pivotal moment
  • Ways to address the cost of living crisis including a ‘total rewards’ strategy
  • The role of growth in retaining top talent in your business
  • Best practices for building a resilient culture.

Attendees will leave with actionable insights and tips to re-energise engagement and retention strategies in their business. They will also have the opportunity to pose questions to our panel.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Rob Moss

    Rob is editorial director for Personnel Today. An experienced business editor, he has been hosting webinars and podcasts about HR, L&D and employment since 2006. He has been editor of Personnel Today since 2010, leading a team of expert journalists who cover HR trends and legislation.

  • Guest speaker
    Julia Markish Director of Strategic Advisory @ Lattice

    Julia has been at the cross-section of organisational culture and technology for over a decade. She has worked with hundreds of HR teams across all industries, identifying the people-first solutions for each unique circumstance. Julia joined Lattice in 2020 to found its advisory practice, combining research, experience, and ongoing client work to inform recommended practices in people strategy. She has previously worked as an executive coach and founded Teal Team, a think tank exploring the future of organisations.

  • Guest speaker
    Wendy Cartwright Portfolio HR Director / Non-Executive Director

    Wendy is the former HR Director for the London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. More recently she was HR Director of the Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal Programme, and corporate services director at the University of East London. She has worked in central government, financial services, energy and retail sectors, and now has a portfolio with a mixture of project and non-executive roles. Wendy has a masters degree in employment strategy and is a Chartered Companion of the CIPD.

  • Guest speaker
    Craig McCoy Interim HR Director @ Four Seasons Health Care

    Craig is currently interim HRD at Four Seasons Health Care, one of the UK's largest independent health care providers. A seasoned group HR director with over 30 years’ experience across multiple industry sectors as a permanent, interim, consultant and non-executive director, Craig has worked for a variety of organisations including Bupa, BT, Sky and the Ministry of Justice. He is chair of London HR Connection, the capital’s independent networking group, and managing director of Learning Loop, which provides interim and consulting HR solutions.

  • Guest speaker
    David Liddle Founder & CEO @ The TCM Group

    David Liddle established The TCM Group in 2001, helping organisations develop purpose-driven, values-based and person-centred cultures. He has extensive experience of cultural transformation, conflict resolution and leadership development and has built a team of consultants who work with numerous household names to develop best practice. David is president of the Institute of Organisational Dynamics and his second book, Transformational culture, was recently shortlisted as Business Book of the Year.


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