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Inclusive leadership for the future of work

About this event

As business enters the world of hybrid working, a new generation of inclusive leader is emerging to steer their diverse teams on a path towards productivity and purpose.

Every employee feels like they occupy a different space in the world; they all have a unique experience. It is a leadership skill in itself to recognise that. Regardless of demographic background, people all share a basic need to belong.

As the coronavirus epidemic eases in the UK, and staff begin to combine working from home with a cautious return to the workplace, many managers will struggle to continue the same relationships they had over a year ago.

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Skillsoft, focuses on the role of leaders as businesses explore the impact hybrid working will have on their diverse working population. Working parents, young recruits, older carers will all have to rebalance their work and life having adapted to lockdown norms when the pandemic hit.

Recent events outside Covid have also meant that the workplace identities of black and minority ethnic employees continue to be compromised, minimised, and excluded. An increased focus on the importance of inclusion in the workplace has shed light on the fact that everyone has bias. Though rooted in human nature, it’s important to understand what implicit bias is in order to develop the thoughtful inclusion mindset.

Register now and join Personnel Today editor Rob Moss and his expert panel. Kerry Allison and Vicky Quek share how Co-op is introducing hybrid working and what it means for its leaders. TEDx speaker and self-described 'resilience ninja' Jaz Ampaw-Farr examines implicit bias and how leaders can be more inclusive. And Agata Nowakowska discusses how to help managers bridge, bond and elevate diverse employees.

Topics covered include:

  • What hybrid working means for employees and managers
  • Benefits of being a diverse leader and why it’s good for business
  • The need for “bridging and bonding”
  • Assessing inclusivity in your workplace and the risks of discrimination.

This 60-minute webinar will include a live Q&A session where attendees can pose their questions.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jaz Ampaw-Farr ‘Resilience ninja’, international speaker, coach and author

    Hailed as ‘The British Oprah’ in the US, Jaz has travelled the world advising governments, educators and helping tens of thousands of people with her bespoke leadership development programmes, training courses and motivational speeches.

  • Guest speaker
    Agata Nowakowska Area vice president, EMEA @ Skillsoft

    Agata leads the EMEA engagement team and is passionate about learning. With proven strengths in leading and managing diverse and multi-lingual teams in ever-changing environments, Agata regularly contributes to HR thought leadership pieces on the ever-changing skills gap.

  • Team member
    Rob Moss Editorial Director @ Personnel Today

    Responsible for the content across Personnel Today, Rob is an experienced business editor and has been hosting webinars and podcasts about HR, L&D and employment since 2006.

  • Guest speaker
    Kerry Allison People policy manager @ Co-op

    Kerry has extensive private and public sector HR experience in L&D, OD, employee engagement and workforce strategy. Her role at Co-op, which employs 70,000 people in retail, funeral, legal and insurance services, is to align people policy directly to a vision of co-operating for a fairer world.

  • Guest speaker
    Vicky Quek Leadership development manager @ Co-op

    With 15 years' experience in senior HR roles in retail, healthcare and banking, Vicky is now part of the Leadershift development team at Co-op, defining, creating and executing the strategy to develop 6,000 leaders to enable the organisation’s vision of “Co-operating for a Fairer World”.