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Retaining talent during the great resignation (webinar)

About this event

As we emerge from the pandemic, a fresh set of challenges beset businesses eager to return to normal.

The past two years have seen leaders pivot to meet the demands of remote working. In the face of rising inflation and a shortage of candidates – giving jobseekers a clear advantage when negotiating a new package – their leadership skills now need to create a workplace culture that retains their best people.

The pandemic has also given employees the opportunity to reassess their work-life balance, and prioritise their mental health accordingly. According to estimates from the World Health Organization, the cost of depression and anxiety, results in lost revenue totalling nearly $1 trillion.

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with BetterUp, looks at how HR leaders and their teams ensure they continue to evolve and invest in a way that retains their top talent.

Personnel Today's editor Rob Moss is joined by Chinazom Nwabueze, senior consultant on BetterUp’s People Insights team and Angelika EIzahhar, regional vice president EMEA of BetterUp Care.

Register now to find out how certain behaviours can improve performance, wellbeing and workplace culture, including:

  • How to build a culture that retains workers in the post-pandemic era
  • How to cultivate a transformative and engaging experience for employees
  • Best practices in retention and strengthening culture in largely decentralised businesses
  • Why supporting mental fitness in employees is essential
  • How there is no high performance without wellbeing.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Angelika Elzahhar EMEA Regional Vice President @ BetterUp Care

    Angelika leads a team to bringing personalised mental fitness and science-backed preventive solutions, including 1:1 and group coaching, to employers globally. Having spent the last eight years developing the global market for Benify, the benefit management technology, Angelika is now focused on helping people around the world lead healthier, happier lives by building resilience.

  • Guest speaker
    Chinazom Sunny Nwabueze Senior Consultant @ BetterUp People Insights

    Chinazom can share critical insights gained from coaching and pairing it with data and impactful storytelling. A high-performance leadership coach, he helps his clients transform personal, work and family life. Chinazom is a fellow coach at BetterUp and has collaborated with leaders at major brands to build a culture focused on sustainable high performance.

  • Team member
    Rob Moss Editorial Director @ Personnel Today

    Responsible for the content across Personnel Today, Rob is an experienced business editor and has been hosting webinars and podcasts about HR, L&D and employment since 2006.