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'Decoding GCF B.25 & GCF insight #14 - Project financing'

About this event

Join us for this upcoming session on the recent discussions in the world's largest climate fund - the Green Climate Fund (GCF). E Co. consultants will be giving a short breakdown and analysis from our attendance at the 25th Meeting of the Board in Geneva. We'll also be discussing key findings from our 14th GCF insight, exploring why project financing is proving to be a key challenge in developing bankable climate finance projects.

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Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer will be moderating this webinar session, with presentations from Senior consultant, Ben Bartle and Consultant, Dr Silvia Emili. Margaret-Ann Splawn, Executive Director of the Climate Markets and Investment Association will also be presenting some short insights.

Following a successful replenishment and recent strategic planning session, it was recognised that “2020 is a critical year for both raising and realising ambitions for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)” in the GCF. With this in mind, Ben will be sharing his findings from attending the 25th Meeting of the Board (B.25) taking place in Geneva, Switzerland from 10th -12th March.

Silvia will be sharing the findings from our 14th GCF insight report. Why is project financing a significant challenge for project developers seeking to produce bankable climate finance projects? Silvia will share what the stakeholders had to say, with some solutions in mind.

Q&A - Get answers to your questions

Join us to have your questions answered! Bring any questions you may have on project financing (you can find the 14th GCF here) or ask the questions you want answers to, based on the 25th GCF Meeting of the Board in Geneva.

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