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Cities. Urban technology. Sustainability. Delve into these topics in our latest webinar.

What is the role of cities when it comes to climate change? As massive waste-producers, energy-consumers, and transport-users, cities are some of the biggest contributors to national carbon emissions, directly affecting or even setting the agenda of emissions profiles in a country or region.

Join E Co. Principal consultant David Leipziger, Consultant Dr Miodrag Grujić and our founder and Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer on Thursday 28th September for their discussion of these topics, such as the role cities play in exacerbating climate change - and perhaps rectifying it.

Our expert team will help you build an understanding of how cities impact climate, from policy programmes to emission sectors (such as buildings, WASH, and transport), and how these areas are structurally constrained by policy, equity, and finance. They’ll also be exploring some innovative technological solutions, such as digitalisation. All of these concepts will be illustrated through real-life examples that the team will walk you through.

About our webinar team:

David Leipziger is an expert in sustainable urban development, with significant experience in cities such as Nairobi, Mexico City, Bangkok, and Baku. He has published research on climate finance, low-carbon transport, and land value capture, and has served as the chief urban mobility expert at Innovate UK.

Miodrag Grujić is an expert in the field of energy, climate change, and environmental protection, who first worked for 16 years in the City Administration of the city of Belgrade, leading dozens of projects related to the implementation of energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy sources, district heating and natural gas distribution networks, and projects with an international focus, collaborating with well-known financial institutions, such as UNEP, GIZ, EBRD, and WRI. After working in the public sector, he started working as an expert on international projects for UNEP, Mott MacDonald, and now E Co.

Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer is the founder and visionary here at E Co. He has 23+ years of experience in creating markets for sustainable energy and climate change in developing nations and emerging economies. He founded E Co. in 2000 and has been working to identify opportunities and barriers from a technical and financial standpoint, and to identify framework conditions in terms of policy, regulatory, institutional conditions, and capacity and awareness of key stakeholders.

What you will learn

In this session, we’ll be covering several key topics, such as:

  • What cities are doing the most (or the least) to address climate challenges?
  • What are the constituent components of a city’s climate footprint?
  • How can digitalisation be used to address emissions problems?
  • What tech innovations are available to use?
  • How cities are both the problem and the solution.

As a registrant, you will gain a greater understanding of the significance of cities within climate action and how policy changes can be made to bring about urban sustainable development.

Join the discussion and make your thoughts heard

We will be running a Q&A where you can ask all your most important questions and gain clarity on them, alongside polls where we will be asking you about your thoughts on adaptation within project design. Your poll answers will be shared anonymously and discussed with the live audience.

Register to attend today

If you work in climate finance, climate change, or development, join us for this insightful session. We cut through the jargon to get to the heart of the matter, whilst providing deep analysis as independent climate finance and development experts. Just enter your email at the top of the page to register. Please feel free to share it with any colleagues who may find this event of interest.

Who are E Co?

We specialise in designing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and programmes. For over 23 years, we’ve been providing technical expertise to help our clients solve climate adaptation and mitigation challenges and access project funding. We assess markets, develop strategies, and formulate projects to provide long-lasting solutions for vulnerable communities worldwide.

To learn more about what we do, head to our website at: www.ecoltdgroup.com

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