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GCF Renewable Energy Investment Guidance Consultation

About this webinar


The Green Climate Fund (GCF) seeks to deploy investments in a more impactful way. At its B.17 meeting, the GCF Board requested the GCF Secretariat to find areas of investment where GCF can have the most impact and propose draft RfPs to the Board for consideration to achieve these impacts. One of the GCF result areas is Energy Access and Power Generation where the fund seeks to support low emission pathways through renewable energy. Investing in renewable energy is crucial in order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. To that end, an approach is currently being developed based on market sounding and analyses, where the GCF is supported by the consulting firm E Co. The approach comprises (a) an investment guide that identifies a list of countries and technologies with the greatest impact potential (b) areas of concentration with their theory of change and (c) a potential dedicated Request for Proposal (RfP), all together, the 'Renewable Energy Investment Guidance'.

A broad stakeholder consultation process on the Renewable Energy Investment Guidance will take place before it is presented to the GCF board. This webinar will be the first element of that consultation process. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is supporting the GCF in conducting the webinar on 14 October 2019. Following the webinar, stakeholders are invited to comment on elements of the draft Guidance, including the sector investment guide, the areas of concentration and the RfP on an online platform, open from 14-25 October 2019. A summary of major comments will be presented at a KIREC (International Renewable Energy Conference) side event on 22 October 2019 in Seoul, Korea. The comments will then feed into finalising the Renewable Energy Investment Guidance, which in turn contributes to achieving high impact projects origination as mandated to the Secretariat by the Board.


The webinar seeks to kick-off the consultation process by providing participants with background information on, and an overview of the Guidance and the work completed to date. It will, furthermore, introduce participants to the online platform, on which they can provide comments on the draft GCF Renewable Energy Investment Guidance including its sector investment guide, theory of change and the potential RfP.


The webinar will be recorded and uploaded onto the online consultation platform, along with the draft sector guidance elements. 

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