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Eaglet Eye invites you to their webinar

Ortho-k to new heights with the Eye Surface Profiler

About this webinar

This webinar will be focused on a new ortho-k lens developed by Jaume Pauné, the DRL lens. This lens has been created on the basis of height, right from the start. The DRL lens is therefore ideally suited to be fitted with 3D Profilometry measurements made with the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP). The ESP is the only ocular topographer that allows for fitting of the DRL lens without any extrapolation. The DRL lens is available both in the USA and in Europe.

This webinar will give the audience practical information about:

  • height based topography
  • the DRL innovation for ortho-k lenses
  • fitting an ortho-k lens on the basis of height as the most reliable way

Hosted by

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    RS T
    Reinier Stortelder

Eaglet Eye

scleral lens, contact lens, ocular topography, 3D height, sclera, lens fitting

Eaglet-Eye is the home of the Eaglet Profiler (ESP) that is transforming the contact lens industry. By measuring the 3D height profile of the eye, the Eaglet Profiler makes the fitting of any type of lens easier, faster and more precise.