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Talking Digital: Building Smart Sustainable Futures

About this event

Building Smart Sustainable Futures

Our buildings typically demand large quantities of energy, which is often wasted and there is only so much government and industry planning can do to prevent this unless direct action is taken in the form of thinking and acting smarter.

As such, there is an increasing need to create a high-quality, sustainable infrastructure for millions of people, including housing, education, transport and healthcare.

It is time for a revolution and to change the way we design and build.

With the built environment estimated to account for 40% of carbon emissions, designers, developers and contractors need to look for new materials and new technologies to fulfil the UK’s zero pledges for 2050.

Sustainability is a powerful force for positive change and one which is driving transformation, innovation and improvement across all aspects of society. And it wouldn’t work quite so well without the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology.

Whilst the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time, it also brings with it a great opportunity for those willing to step up and grab these new opportunities to help achieve a sustainable future.

In this panel debate, hear from construction and infrastructure experts, passionate about delivering a smarter, safer and greener Britain through the way we design and build. You will hear about the modern methods of construction they have adopted and are using right now, plus what smart cities and smart technology mean for the built environment and how using lean construction is changing our perception of how we build.

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Webinar Chair:

John Adams, Head of Products, Glider

Webinar Facilitator:

Marie Grieve, Managing Director, Costello Palmer Communications

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  • Guest speaker
    Ana Ruiton Information Consultant and Digital Ventures Sustainability Lead @ Mott MacDonald

    I promote sustainability and socially inclusive infrastructure driven by digital solutions. As an information consultant I work with government organizations in developing countries on their National BIM adoption, to support their economic growth, reduce poverty and promote sustainable development

  • Guest speaker
    Marie Grieve Managing Director @ Costello Palmer Communications

    Marie has 18 years experience of working in marketing and business development and in 2015 Marie founded Costello Palmer Communications, a marketing and communications consultancy specialising in digital content and high-performance strategic delivery for a global client base.

  • Guest speaker
    Jaimie Johnston Board Director, Head of Global Systems @ Bryden Wood

    I am the Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood & Design Lead for the Construction Innovation Hub. I've spent 20+ years maximising value for major private & public sector clients in the UK & globally.

  • Guest speaker
    Neil Pennell Head of Design Innovation and Property Solutions @ Landsec

    I create and implement long-term engineering, environmental, smart procurement, intelligent building and product innovation strategy. It includes responsibility to research and develop technically innovative products and services which improve efficiency, add value and enhance customer experience

  • Guest speaker
    John Adams Head of Products @ Glider

    John is a strong voice for Glider and leads the gliderbim® product direction. He also delivers talks on behalf of the UK BIM Alliance and uses his platform to be a conscientious disruptor, with a positive and challenging stance to increase BIM adoption and improve information management standards across the industry.