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Covid-19: Using Digitalisation to Adapt and Survive in Manufacturing

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AE Talks LIVE Webinar #2: Thursday 6 August 2020, 11 am.

We’re delighted to welcome our guest presenter from IBM:

Distinguished Technical Specialist & Industry 4.0 Solutions Architect, Ian Gardner:

Covid-19 continues to have a critical impact on society, business and manufacturing.  It appears that the impact of the pandemic will continue for the foreseeable future and life as we’ve known it has changed in a very short period of time.  But what does this mean for manufacturing and the way we do business?  In manufacturing, the new normal is accelerating towards us.  How can technology and digitalisation help manufacturers adapt and survive this new paradigm.

Issues covered:

1)        Introduction

2)        Convergence of technologies and their potential (5G, Additive manufacturing, AI etc)

3)        Mostly ‘Proof of Concepts’ rather than real solutions

4)       The sudden emergence of Covid-19

Impact on the way we work

Challenges that Covid-19 puts on our business

Ray of hope – accelerated adoption and acceptance of change

5)        The acceleration of digitalisation

6)        How technology can help in the way that we work in the new normal

7)        Examples of these technologies

8)        A view of the future

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    Ian Gardner Distinguished Technical Specialist Industry 4.0 Solutions Architect IBM eBusiness Technical Sales @ IBM

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    Aleiya Lonsdale Head of Marketing @ Easyfairs