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Escape the constraints of conventional ashing and loss on drying techniques

About this event

Welcome to Lab Live!

Are you interested in learning how to speed up your ashing or sulphated ashing process whilst also improving operator safety?

Do you want a loss on drying moisture/solids analysis method that is quick enough to allow real time changes to your product?

Your key takeaways from this session will be...

  1. Knowledge of faster moisture/solids techniques that will improve your process control
  2. Increase safety for Loss on Ignition (LOI), ashing and sulphated ashing
  3. Techniques that are more user friendly and less complex than Karl Fischer Titrations and oven moisture loss on drying
  4. Confidence in simplifying your process for all sample types and responding faster to changes in your process
  5. How to make life easier for Analysts and Operators in the lab with simplified analytical procedures
  6. How to make better use of your moisture/solids and ash data 

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd joins the Lab Live line up on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    MB G
    Matt Burwood Product Specialist @ CEM Microwave Technology Ltd

  • Guest speaker
    VC G
    Vincent Corden General Manager @ CEM Microwave Technology Ltd

  • Team member
    Charlie Taylor Marketing Executive @ Easyfairs

  • Team member
    AL T
    Aleiya Lonsdale Head of Marketing @ Easyfairs