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Euroject®: an innovative BFS-based device for single dose injection of therapeutics

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Recent innovations have opened up the possibility of using BFS technology to design aseptic packaging systems combining the efficiency of high-throughput production with the highest guarantees of sterility. The result is a new type of pre-filled, single-dose disposable device that can be produced in very large numbers with a high-speed rotary machine, at very low production costs. Euroject® can contribute to greater equity in access to new vaccines and to ensuring safe vaccine administration, while being simple and cost effective.

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    Eleanor Gravette

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    Alexandre Fontayne Unither

    Alexandre FONTAYNE received his PhD in Biological Science at University of Paris Sud. He has 18 years of experience in Research and Development, including 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry working around the drug design and bioproduction of biologics, including Ublituximab. Alexandre is co-author of 28 scientific articles and inventor of 11 patents in multidisciplinary approach. He contributes to training of students and employees in drug design, CMC activities and subcontracting. Since 2021, Alexandre works for Unither Pharmaceuticals as Chief Scientific Officer for biological products and is deeply involved in the development of the Euroject® device.